Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Charity Tuesday for equines in need like Eggsy

If you use Twitter you'll know that there are lots of different #s, Tuesday's are big on charity / giving with #CharityTuesday and #GivingTuesday so this Tuesday I'd like to ask for some help not just for Eggsy but for other equines in need.
Of course you may already have your own favourite equine rescue / charity who you like to support but there are lots of ordinary people struggling to save a horse's life. People like us who took on an abandoned equine rather than allow it to be shot.

If you've been here before you'll know that our ex-neighbours dumped Eggsy when they moved.We found him over a week later, starving, dehydrated, covered in lice and as it turns out with a dangerously heavy worm burden. The law states that if an equine isn't claimed within 4 days of the Abandonment notice being issued it becomes the property of the person detaining the equine, who may retain ownership, re-home or humanely destroy.

Now our problem with Eggsy was that no-one wanted to give him a home, he's a colt with locking stifles, worthless in monetary terms, and we didn't have enough money to keep him. We already had horses of our own and simply could not afford another. We were advised to have him shot, which is the fate of many abandoned equines.

Having saved Eggsy from dying of dehydration and starvation how could we then have him killed?

Our only hope of keeping this foal alive was to ask for help via one of the many crowd funding sites and we set up Eggsy's GoFundMe. Too date £1,350 has been raised towards his care which is fantastic but it's ongoing,

Eggsy is costing us a minimum of £100 a month. We don't have an extra £100 a month from our income so we're completely dependent on donations coming in to pay for his keep. Too be honest that can be very stressful as you never know if you'll have enough money to pay the feed bills!

Someone else who took abandoned equines in rather than see them shot is Pixie Hunt, she's struggled to bring a mare and foal back from starvation and is now desperately in need of help to get that colt foal gelded before he attempts to mate with his own mother!

You can read all about Hero on his GoFundMe page.

In one way she is lucky as her vet has agreed to geld for a maximum of £200 (our vet quoted us £300 for Eggsy), but she hasn't got £200 to geld him, so she too has had to ask for the help of strangers.

Finally we'd like to mention Chester Carriages Maverick. You can read all about Maverick on his GoFundMe page.  Maverick's tendon was severed in an horrific accident, his vet bills are enormous (and ongoing), his insurance payments have maxed out and the only way his owners can continue to fund his treatment is with the help of others.

This Charity Tuesday please consider helping out with a donation to an equine in need. We all of us need a helping hand from time to time and with your help we can overcome these adversities.

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