Thursday, 24 March 2016

The importance of sharing animals in need on social media

In today's blog post I'd like to talk a little about the importance of sharing the plight of equines (and other animals) in need / at risk on social media. 

If you're reading this you may know that Eggsy was abandoned and left to starve and that his rehabilitation and every day costs have been funded by donations to his GoFundMe.  But do you know how most of the people who have made donations found out about Eggsy's plight? Via social media, in our case Twitter.

 (You can find Eggsy on Twitter @eggsypony )

When people found out that Eggsy had been abandoned and needed help lots of them retweeted (shared) his tweets (posts) so that more and more folk learned that he was an equine in need. If people had not shared Eggsy's story it's doubtful that he would have had any donations at all!

It's not just Eggsy who has been saved with the help of social media shares, the horse below, number 17,  was retweeted constantly over the Christmas period. He was saved from possible slaughter.

As was this ex-racehorse L'Animaux. His appearance on Facebook led to the offer of a rescue place and funds raised to purchase him from a kill buyer.  

Retweets on Twitter raised enough money to finance the removal of an orphan foal Pickles from a Welsh common where she was likely to perish.

And it goes on. Hundreds and hundreds of animals have benefitted from their stories being shared on social media without those shares / retweets many of them would now be dead.

So what I'm trying to say here is if  an animal in need pops up in your social media feed, be it Facebook, Twitter or any other please share / retweet it with your followers. Even if you are unable to do anything to aid the animal yourself by getting it's story out there you are helping it.

Because someone, somewhere might see the story and be able to help!

Finally if you're still in doubt about the importance of sharing / retweeting on social media look at this picture.

When the photograph of an abused foal hit social media it was shared / retweeted thousands of times leading to the eventual removal of horses from the Esholt travelers site. Something that people had been campaigning for, and getting nowhere with, for years.

So please never under estimate the importance of sharing animals in need on your social media.

Would you like to help Eggsy? 

Eggsy has a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for his care, we'd be really grateful if you'd go take a look, share it far and wide via your social media and of course if you can spare some money please donate.

Thank you, Eggsy and I really appreciate it x


  1. It shows the power of social media that animals in need can be removed from harm's way following shares & RTs by concerned animal lovers. Hopefully the foal in the picture was finally found and removed from its owners, as I saw one news report that said the authorities had not found the foal on site. I hope the owners are prosecuted and stopped from owning animals in future. No-one should be allowed to put a bit on a foal and tie it up like that - presumably to break it in - it's completely barbaric.

  2. The RSPCA confirmed "The young horse pictured in the photographs is amongst the horses that have been removed" in this report