Thursday, 8 December 2016

Eggsy's Advent Calendar Day 8

Apparently it's National Christmas Tree Day so what better day  to share Eggsy's Christmas tree. Not the traditional evergreen fir but an apple tree outside his paddock, no decoration required those red apples make the most wonderful Christmas baubles.

How often has the Christmas tree
Afforded me the greatest glee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me.
                                            Tom.T Hall

 About Eggsy:

Eggsy is a rescue pony he was abandoned and left to starve by his owners as a foal. His care is funded by donations.

Would you like to help Eggsy? 

Eggsy has a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for his care, we'd be really grateful if you'd go take a look, share it far and wide via your social media and of course if you can spare some money please donate.

Help Raise Abandoned Foal Eggsy ~ GoFundMe
Thank you, Eggsy and I really appreciate it x      


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