Sunday, 16 August 2015

What sort of person abandons a foal?

When people hear that Eggsy was abandoned at only 7 months old they often automatically assume that he was abandoned by the breeder, not so. Eggsy was sold as a weanling at 6 months of age.

One then imagines that the foal might have been sold in a pub for a few quid on a Saturday night and that the morning after the night before the purchaser realized they had made a dreadful mistake. No, the person who purchased Eggsy chose him before he was weaned, paying for him in installments over a number of weeks before taking delivery of their new equine.

So now you might be thinking that the new owner had no experience with horses and didn't know what to do with him. No, the person who abandoned Eggsy was in their 50s and had owned ponies since their teens, in fact they had 4 other equines who went with them when they moved.

Why did they abandon him? I have no real answer, why anyone would purchase a foal only to dump it a few weeks later is really beyond my comprehension, though one does wonder if they heartlessly sentenced him to a possible long and lingering death by starvation due to his locking stifles.

Will you help Eggsy? 

Eggsy has a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for his care, we'd be really grateful if you'd go take a look, share it far and wide via your social media and of course if you can spare some money please donate.

Help Raise Abandoned Foal Eggsy ~ GoFundMe

Thank you Eggsy and I greatly appreciate it x


  1. It beggars belief that people would abandon a foal to fend for itself, but sadly not all horsey people are kind to their horses and ponies. I work at a charity that trains up horses & ponies that have been seized from their owners, and although they are physically healthy by the time they arrive at the yard, the psychological problems caused by mistreatment & / or neglect take longer to sort out. Hopefully you have got Eggsy at a young enough age that he will forget the horroble people who previously owned him.